UnMartyred Tiny Manifesto

 The UnMartyred Tiny Manifesto
(who has time for a tome?)

written by Elena TaJo, in collaboration with Martyred Moms Everywhere and with the UnMartyred Collective, a group of women and men committed to liberating mothers from martyrdom.

A Tiny Manifesto?  What for?

Our goal at UnMartyred is to liberate mothers from the shackles of guilt and self-sacrifice.   Watching a movie and having an insight can feel liberating for a moment, but we’ve discovered that to create real change, we need determination, intention, practice, and lots of support.  (DIPS, how do you like that?)

The UnMartyred Manifesto kicks off DIPS with a provocative guide to self-reflection and conversation.  A companion to the 34 minute film, Martyred Mom Cracks Her Shackles, it can be used following the movie to facilitate group discussion.

Once you are determined to be UnMartyred, read further to find tips for intentions, practice, and support.   Intentions give us specific ways to focus on creating change.  Practice is our method, and support includes everything we use to remind us to follow our intentions.

Here are the “chapter” headings in the Manifesto:

  • Are you a Martyred Mom?  Take the Quiz!
  • Seen the Movie?  Let’s Talk:  5 Questions about Sacrifice
  • 7 Questions about Guilt
  • 1 Big Question about Letting Go
  • Tips for Facilitators
  • Are you Determined Yet?  Top 10 UnMartyred Radical Acts
  • Tips for Forgiving Mom
  • Top 5 Impossible World Changes

One thought on “UnMartyred Tiny Manifesto

  1. Jessica Geipel says:

    Hi there,
    I am contacting you from the University of CA, San Diego, Women’s Center, where I facilitate a Mothers’ Support group each month. I would like to purchase your film and am very interested in additional prompts for discussion. Can you let me know how I can make the purchase? I would like to show it at our next meeting on May 26th if possible. Thank you.
    ~ Jessica

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