Crack Your Shackles! Klatches

Crack Your Shackles Klatches are the evolution of the Crack Your Shackles! Workshop, which debuted on May 21st with great success. To read details about how it went, check out my post on this first structured conversation.

What I loved about the screening and conversation is that, rather than people giving and receiving instructions, people were sharing and supporting each other in developing solutions that worked for them. Here, then, is a guide to having your own Crack Your Shackles! Klatch in your neighborhood.

  • Step 1 >> Get so frustrated with trying to do it All that you start talking to other mothers. Discover that you are not the only one missing something for yourself.
  • Step 2>> Check out the Martyred Moms Website, where you can watch a trailer and, if your interest is piqued, order the Movie and The UnMartyred Tiny Manifesto. The Manifesto contains trigger questions for self-reflection and conversation as well as concrete tips for cracking your shackles.
  • Step 3>> Invite those moms for wine & cheese and a movie. Here’s what you can expect.

What happens at a
Crack Your Shackles Klatch

Martyred Mom Cracks Her Shackles!, a 34 minute film, tells the story of a mother’s journey from martyrdom and guilt to freedom and possibility. After watching the movie, people want to talk about their reactions. Conversation and support help shift perspectives and free us from cultural and familial legacies of martyrdom. While mutual griping is a good start, our goal is to trigger meaningful change. The movie invites conversation about the paradox of self-sacrifice and what we can actually do to support each other.

Conversational points:

  • What children learn from how mothers treat themselves.
  • How can we forgive our mothers and judge ourselves less.
  • How can we learn to share responsibility with our partners and children?
  • Can we encourage each other to act rather than just commiserate?

Action plans to deal with practical realities:

  • How to stop guilt from running our lives.
  • How to share center stage with your child.
  • How to set appropriate limits.

Participants should expect to be stimulated to think about motherhood in a new way. They will also take away guidelines to remember during choice points with their family.


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