Audience Responses

Here are some fascinating audience responses to Martyred Moms:

  • A Dad: “I found the movie thought provoking and made me more sympathetic to my wife’s plight. I found it interesting that all the mothers in the movie were constantly monitoring what the other mothers in the community were doing creating some sort of guilt ridden competition. As a father, what other dads do doesn’t even come up on the radar screen. If the other dads bake cookies for the bake sale, I wouldn’t get phased a bit. Do women have something to learn from the uncaring fathers? We don’t miss NFL football on Sunday to bake cookies. I think they do.”
  • A Mom: “It made me feel much less alone (and crazy) with my maternal ambivalence. Watching the movie made me feel like it’s OK to adore my children, but also OK to want space and time for myself. Today is mother’s day and I’ve been thinking all day about how to be less martyred and really appreciate the gift of being a mother, without it meaning complete self-sacrifice! Thanks, Elena for making me think and for making me feel less alone.”
  • A Mom: “I guess the thing I relate to the most is the guilt. After I had my son, I ended up hooking up with a bunch of Stepford Moms. At first we had a good time together, comparing poopy diapers and discussing the bottle vs. the breast. But after a time, I wanted more. I wanted some stimulating conversation–adult conversation. Also, I quickly got tired giving myself up for my son. Gymboree just wasn’t cutting it for me. So, because I wanted to break away, I was ostracized by these Stepford Moms. “How could I not want to spend every waking moment devoted to my child!!?” Then, I did the most “horrible” thing–I put him in daycare for several hours a week, so I could have time to myself. These women stopped associating with me. It was a terribly lonely time. By the time my son was three, he was in daycare three full days a week, so I could take on a part-time job. By this time, these women had completely disassociated from me.Did I feel bad about all this? At the time, it DID bother me. But looking back, I was glad I did. It was (and still is) very important that I had time for myself.”

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