MommyDoll Gets Old

Indulge me, please, in a slight digression from the martyrdom theme so that I may announce the resounding success of the first screening of my new film: “MommyDoll Gets Old.”

MommyDoll Dances on a Sword

It is a short piece, the first in a series on aging called Ripe.  In it, as in Martyred Moms, my daughter helps me play with a difficult life dilemma, and we emerge from the play a tad less enslaved by cultural imperatives.

For those of you who privately worried about my mental health following my family-of-origin visit, it is restored to its usual state (no further comments on ‘usual’ for the moment). There is no better cure for misunderstanding than proper understanding, and it was lovely to experience the audience reactions.

As always, I learn from post-screening comments. Many elders were pleased to see stereotypes shattered, and they added some juicy aspects of aging that we can look forward to: peace that comes from knowing your insides; freedom to say whatever the H* you want! I’m getting there.


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