Giving on Christmas

Today seems like the right day to dispense opinion on giving.  What a great concept, giving–and look what has become of it!   Every year, most of us follow the giving program, whether we feel like it or not.  And isn’t that the point of giving, of sacrifice?  We don’t do it for ourselves; we do it for the spirit of the thing, and it is supposed to enlarge us, right?  Look around.  Aren’t we large?  Our gifts are large, our screens are large, our bellies are large.  ok, cheap pot shot, but you get the point.  We are large but we are empty.

A Martyred Mom is only one example of the perversion of self-sacrifice.  Sacrifice only enlarges us to the extent that we are connected to others.  If we truly realize the truth of no-self, then giving makes us happy.  But I am among those whose realization comes and goes.   If I don’t feel connected to my body, I am not connected to the rest of the universe.  When I am unconnected, giving drains me and resentment builds.   I am still figuring out how to stay connected, but one thing I know for sure, faking it doesn’t do anyone any good.  And depriving myself makes me less generous.  (ok, so it’s two things I know…)

Here’s to giving that comes from nourishment.  Bah Humbug on the rest.


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