A New Generation

Let me introduce you to Sabine and Joey.
Sabine&Joey (eyes closed)
Sabine and Joey, being silly.

Sabine, web designer for Martyred Moms, brought her boyfriend Joey to a screening of the movie in January 2006. Joey, a filmmaker and socialworker, was moved, to understate a bit. To my question on the message board, ‘what would you do differently now that you have seen the movie?’ he responded:

“I would enroll myself in a ballet course. The film not only made me desperately WANT to be a Martyred Mom, but I wanted to take a dance class. As far as what I would do differently…hummmmmm…. make sure that I raise a child with as much love, care and consideration as the filmmaker does. The film operates as a subconcious vehicle for family awareness. An animal once thought “extinct” has now been resurrected by the joys offered with the spirit captured with the filmwork.”

And here is Sabine’s response:

“Seeing the film made me realize everything my mother had to go through while she was running a business with my dad and was taking care of my sister and me. I even had a talk with my father very recently about motherhood and I learned things about my mother that were completely new to me. I feel so much more respect for my mother now. Everyone who has kids and parents should see the movie! ”

And then the most remarkable thing happened! Within 2 months, they were pregnant. They are due to give birth to their little girl on December 6th. Here is an email from Sabine last week:

“Due to your blog I went to Amy Tiennen’s web site about a week or so ago and ordered her book. I started reading the first chapter on the early stages of motherhood, some of them were a bit scary: attention usually completely goes to the baby, while the mother is suffering from pain and exhaustion from birth. General lack of sleep the following months. Complete social isolation, etc. However, she does offer quite a few good tips on getting help. Although I am probably not running out right away and try to meet all mothers in my neighborhood, it’s good to know what is possibly facing us. May be smart getting started to be prepared for the additional family member. I believe if we can share the task as much as possible (breastfeeding may be a bit tough), this should be a happy process, where we can grow as people and learn more about giving, interacting and see the miracles of an unspoiled being. Let’s see what will happen… these are the thoughts of the mom BEFORE the baby has arrived…”

Will Sabine be Martyred? Or will Joey help her do it differently? Stay tuned……..


2 thoughts on “A New Generation

  1. Go Sabine and Joey! I hope my book is helpful. Yes, the whole enterprise of raising a baby can be daunting at first. It is natural (i. e. inevitable) to lose yourself into “baby world” for a while. The key is to have a partner who will both join you there and help you find your next steps, and friends who will stick by your side through the whole process. Please let me know how it goes over the next few months!

  2. Blessings on ya! It’s going to be an interesting journey. Your new awareness about parenting will help guide you thru some of the pitfalls, but best advice I have is: Relax. Enjoy. Life is short. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. Forgive yourself and do the best you can. You’re in great hands with MoJo and ‘Aunti-Martyred’. Love from the Rock ‘N Roll Mom ~ Joy Rose and MAMAPALOOZA

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