“How did it go?”

asked Vita, upon wakening this morning, thereby answering her own question. She was asking about the big Martyred Moms event at Anthology Film Archives last night. Of course, the night was sensational, but even more important was the news that my daughter has learned to ask about the grownups. She did not stride into the room with announcements as she used to do without exception. She tenderly asked how it went. First thing. Do you get it?

As for how it went, it was amazing to show the movie in such a classic setting, in the company of so many accomplished filmmakers. As usual, Martyred Moms started conversations, loosened lips that kept talking into the night. I’m enjoying the reverberations, except my head hurts a bit.

at AFA with matthew
At Anthology Film Archives with
Matthew Polis, collaborator

walking with Joey
walking with Joey, filmmaker

at the bar
with Katherine (filmmaker) and Mayra (band leader)



3 thoughts on ““How did it go?”

  1. How Did it Go? Well, I was there, and it was a great time.

    But, being the husband of the unmartyred mom, let me tell you. I am always like the expecting father waiting for the birth. Prior to the Martyred Moms movie – which was the featured presentation, there were a number of shorts presented by the American Film Institute. None of them were light. In the first two, the characters were hiding from the rebels and it was followed by a short where the characters were the resistance hiding from the government. Then, there was a short about a guy who thought his air conditioning was broke when it was 105 degrees, and that was followed up by an unmartyred mother who leaves a baby to crawl around while going out on the town.

    Start the movie already!!!! Talk about cracking your shackles. We had to crack the shackles of one movie short after another after another after another! Living the life of being part of the Feature Presentation!! It’s tough, man!!

    But, the wait was worth it!!

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