Mojo Mom and Unmartyred Mom talk the talk.

At the ARM conference, also known as the Motherlode, I met many amazing mothers with various points of view, all doing their best to understand this fascinating dilemma of motherhood, to support each other, and to be good mothers.  There I met “Mojo Mom” the author of the book by the same title.   We had inspiring and intimate conversations and discovered that we shared the goal of empowering women, though in different ways.  We continued the conversation on her podcast.   We managed to talk about coping vs. changing the world, about what keeps us shackled, and about what we can do to support other women.

In her conversation with her co-host before our interview, she cracked me up by noticing how upset Baby Boomers get when they hear about how younger generations (the alphabets) were born after those previously ‘universal’ reference points.  You mean we’re not the center of the universe?  We need to step aside?


2 thoughts on “Mojo Mom and Unmartyred Mom talk the talk.

  1. Hey Elena, Your new blog layout looks fantastic! It’s ironic that you mentioned my Boomer comments in your posting because I just mentioned the Boomers again in my blog today. (Yes, I am obsessed with them but only because my generation will be in their shadow for just about the rest of our lives.) I really enjoyed our podcast together and I hope your blog readers will listen to our conversation. I have created a Podcasting FAQ that will tell you how to listen. Keep up the good work with your art and your blog…I’ll be reading!

  2. Hey Amy,
    Yup, I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing. I’ll check out your post on boomers, even though I guess I feel on the fringe of that generation too. probably reaping the benefits though, as we all are.

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