I miss Vita while she is at sleepaway. I picture her cheeks and her little face and I can almost smell her, breathe in the image. I miss the sound of her clear voice. I look forward to having her back in the household, taking her place in the family. Strangely, none of this longing makes me want to schlep to the camp tomorrow to see the play they have arranged. Is that wrong?


One thought on “Sleepaway

  1. The Dad says:

    No, it is not wrong. We need to have our own lives and our own responsibilities, and it starts with taking care of ourselves. It used to be that people would have children so they can work the fields, and crawl into coal mines, and hard stuff like that. Now, isn’t it enough that after you spend a whole day digging out the coal yourself, you have to shower, get dressed, and run out to applaud the child for five minutes after she’s had a week of play and relaxation at camp?!!!

    Go lie on the couch, for goodness sake!!!

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