The Piano Concert

Vita saved me today. It is the end of 5th grade and we are granted many many MANY opportunities to celebrate this transition–6 to be exact: performances, graduations, ceremonies. Tonight is the piano concert but I am fried. My last patient cancelled and I could technically make it. Of course my heart swells with pride and tenderness when I see my girl so serious, so focussed, so intent. and yet…what with volunteering to film the play, organizing presents for teachers and attending all these events, schmoozing proudly with all the other parents–did I mention I hate cocktail parties?– I just can’t do it!

So I was racked with guilt yesterday, planning to reorganize all so that I could attend, and then Vita freed me. “You’ve been to all the others, Mommy. I’m kind of sick of all these shows myself.”

Now I can’t wait to see her. that’s how I like it.


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